Dual Charging Base for XBOX ONE S X

We produce Dual Charging Base for Xbox One S X. Actually, this is a charger dock and battery kit for Xbox One S X. In order to meet players’ needs for game and provide more high quality accessories, we create this kit. Let’s find out what it has in following instructions.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We supply Dual Charging Base for Xbox One S X. It consists of dual charging base, rechargeable battery and USB charging cable. This pack is strongly recommended for its beautiful design, wonderful combination, and favorable price.

2. Product Parameter (Specification )


60 PCS


9.9 KGS


10.6 KGS



Rechargeable battery capacity


Input Voltage


Charge current


Battery Output Voltage

DC 2.4V

Packing Includes

1* dual charger station 1* USB charging cable 2* rechargeable battery

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with Xbox One (S)/X controller;

* If old batteries are broken, these can replace the old one;

* The dual charging dock can charge two controllers at the same time.

* The capacity of per rechargeable battery is 300mA;

* High quality ABS;

* The kit is compact design;

4. Product Details

Black Dual Charging Base for Xbox One S X Controller

This charging cable can be used to charge the dual charging base.

Black Dual Charging Base for Xbox One S X

This is the dual charging base which can charge two controllers simultaneously.

Dual Charging Dock for Xbox One S X

This picture can show the charging overall effect.

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