Cooling Fan for XBOX ONE S

We manufacture Cooling Fan for Xbox ONE S, which is compatible with Xbox One S console. This cooling fan has 3 high speed fans to accelerate the air circulation inside the console system to reach the goal of cooling it. It is pretty practical.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We provide Cooling Fan for Xbox ONE S. It is in specially white color but other colors can be customized for OEM is welcome by us all. One of the most special point is that the cooling fan can change the fan speed through adjusting different levels of it.

2. Product Parameter ( Specification )


40 PCS




8.6 KGS





Packing Includes

1*cooling fan HUB

1* USB cable

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with Xbox One S console;

* This fan with 3 high speed fans to air in the Xbox One S console;

* The fan can adjust to Low speed or High Speed in the “L” and “H” switch to change the fan speed;

* This cooling fan with two USB ports, convenient to charge the Xbox One controller, and one can use to transfer data;

* Convenient to fixed in the side of the Xbox One S console, does not take up any place;

4. Product Details

White Cooling Fan for Xbox ONE S Console

This is the picture that shows the cooling fans.

White Cooling Fan for Xbox One S

This is also the display of this product.

Intelligent Cooling Fan for Xbox ONE S

This is the overall effect picture of this cooling fan, please check it carefully.

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