Cooling Base for XBOX ONE

We produce Cooling Base for XBOX ONE. It is quite multifunctional one which can not only work as a vertical stand for the console but can also cool down the temperature of it because this product owns cooling fans.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We provide Cooling Base for XBOX ONE. Among all the vertical stands and cooling fans we produce, this kind has been added 3* USB 2.0 ports which can expand ports and use more peripheral equipment. LED indicator light is also added, which can offer light guide.

2. Product Parameter ( Specification )


60 PCS







Product size



High quality ABS

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with XBOX ONE X console;

* Very convenient for the console to stand upright and easy to dissipate heat;

* Outlet is at the bottom of the console;

* With 3* USB 2.0 ports;

* With LED light;

* Multifunctional, can save space;

4. Product Details

Black Cooling Base for XBOX ONE

This is the front and back of the cooling fan, the light bar is also showed above.

Black Cooling Stand for XBOX ONE

This picture shows the details of USB HUB ports, cooling fans, and other buttons appeared in this stand.

Cooling Base for XBOX ONE Console

This is the complete overall effect picture of the cooling base.

Black Cooling Base for XBOX ONE Console

It shows the light bar more directly and clearly to us.

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