QWERTY Keyboard for XBOX 360

We manufacture QWERTY Keyboard for XBOX 360. It is a fashion design and very easy to use. This product specially uses full QWERTY keyboard, which is more convenient for players to use. It is made of high quality ABS and in black or white color for you to choose.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

We produce QWERTY Keyboard for XBOX 360. This keyboard is designed for Xbox 360 controller and aims at those who pay attention to game feeling. OEM is highly welcome! Any requests from you will be treated cautiously by us!

2. Product Parameter (Specification)


60 PCS


12.6 KGS


13.2 KGS



Working Voltage

DC 3-3.3V

Working Current



High quality ABS

Packing Included

1* keyboard

1* user manual

3. Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with Xbox 360 controller;

* Keyboard for easy text input and chat with friends after connecting the keyboard to Xbox 360 controller;

* Easy to use, plug in and play;

* Full QWERTY keyboard for easy text input;

* Material: made of high quality ABS

* Volume is small, and can save room;

*Packing Included:1* keyboard 1* user manual

4. Product Details

Silicon Button Keyboard for XBOX 360

This is the front view of this keyboard, it is in black color.

Black Controller Keyboard for XBOX 360

This is the overall effect picture of installing the keyboard to the controller. It is so smart.

QWERTY Keyboard for XBOX 360 Controller

This shows us the concrete details of some important parts of this keyboard. For OEM orders, colors can be chosen.

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